Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Impatient Gardener

My food garden is at a standstill. I am waiting for seeds to arrive by mail, and now rain is falling, quite heavily at times (absolutely bucketing down as I type)

In the meantime, I'm glad I bought some seeds for the girls to grow on the kitchen bench. Two days ago we "planted" cress on paper towel on a plastic plate, and in two days we will fill the other half of the plate with mustard seeds, so we should have mustard and cress ready together.

The weather has become quite wild outside, I'm thankful to be inside with the heater (drying the washing) and have had some delicious Apple and Cinnamon Oatcakes for morning tea.


Hill upon Hill said...

Your little seeds would have been washed away. I am baking fruit bun!!

Elizabeth said...

I'd like some apple and cinnamon notecakes right now! But, I do have a piece of lemon pie, one of my favorites!