Monday, April 12, 2010

Phone Pouch

Last week the girls stayed for a few nights with my parents, and I had most of 2 days and one WHOLE day while Steve was at work to amuse myself! Those hours which are normally taken up with "before school" and "after school" make such a difference to a "free day"! I felt like I had time to get my sewing machine out again - yey!

Time to make all those 'To Sew' items that have been floating round my head for a few months ...

First this phone pouch. I followed these great instructions to make a zipper pouch but I modified it a bit - I wanted a pouch that would hold my phone and a key for when I go walking, but I didn't want the key scratching the phone, so I made a pouch with 2 sections.

I attached a piece of twill inside where I will attach a keyring, and a piece of ribbon on the outside can attach to a lanyard to hang the whole thing round my neck when I go for a walk.

Next project on my list: Go for a walk!

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