Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Colour Therapy

My mind is overflowing with projects and ideas at the moment (which normally happens around this time of year, when the weather cools down!)

Strangely I find myself influenced by two styles that couldn't be more different! I am loving this style of drawing, and am at the same time, since I started crocheting can't stop looking at Attic 24 and now Greedy for Colour.

So, I'm doing a bit of both, and finding them both good for my brain - both stimulating and relaxing.

I bought some Pitt Artist Pens in warm greys, and have been experimenting with them, and even went so far as to start a journal.

My journal title page was completely taken from the video "Pam's New Pens' by Pam Carriker

Then I tried a daisy (my own design)

and tried the grays with a stamped image. Couldn't quite keep colour out of this one, though!

Now I'm working on colouring an image (I didn't draw this, it's from a colouring book)

With my crocheting I'm keeping to a cool palette at present, making a cushion front for the living room.

I'd love to make something really colourful, but need to finish this first, and build up my yarn supply slowly, plus work on my crocheting skills - keeping an even tension and so on ... anyway there are plenty of ideas floating around my mind while I work on this!

I'm also knitting a scarf I started a few weeks ago (before I learnt to crochet!) which is on the colourful side ...

... not a great photo, sorry. This is a really cheap yarn from the Reject Shop with all the colours of the rainbow included. It's nice and soft for my sensitive neck and should match lots of outfits.

So I'll keep drawing and crocheting and knitting and dreaming in my sometimes grey and sometimes colourful world ...

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amy p said...

Hi Fiona! I made an Attic24 stripy looks great but after racing through the bag itself I'm struggling to find the motivation to finish attaching the handles!