Saturday, April 24, 2010

St Albans

Today we visited the St Albans Folk Festival. St Albans is a tiny town about 1 hour's drive from home, through quiet country roads and over a ferry. St Albans was overrun by festivalgoers camped all round the town, and the strains of folk music came from all directions.

The festival lasts all weekend, but we just went for the day. We saw about 6 acts and enjoyed walking round the town and participating in workshops too. We loved Mothers of Intention, and andRacz & Water, but I think most of all we loved these clever young girls who charmed the audience with original songs, violin, ukulele and guitar.

We learnt to play the bodhran and bought one! Another instrument to make us happy! Steve and Laura learnt to Morris Dance and we enjoyed some delicious food (Hot Chocolate with Cinnamon and Chilli - yum!) I even found inspiration for future crochet projects in the market stalls (colourful and cool headbands, bottle holders, and singlet tops).

As it was growing dark we left St Albans and headed for home. While we were on the ferry we had rain bucketing down and we thought of all those campers at St Albans tonight ... however we stayed dry and drove through the dark winding roads and arrived home, feeling that we had been gone for much longer than a day ... a great day out.

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Hill upon Hill said...

Wow, brilliant photo's. Now I am ignorant and do not know what your instrument sounds like at all.