Thursday, March 17, 2011

Home-brewed Ginger Beer

We are trying brewing ginger beer for the first time.

This is Day Two of a two-week process.

Ingredients so far:
Fresh ginger
Sultanas (for the wild yeasts)

Each day for a week we have to feed it with more ginger and sugar.
I am following the instructions here.

I've been wanting to do this for so long.
Then on Saturday night an older Greek lady at our church brought some
home-brewed ginger beer to a women's night, and it was delicious!

I hope ours turns out as well!

(and I'm also thinking it might be a good experiment
for the girls' school science expos later in the year)

. . .

Edited to add: It WAS delicious, not so fizzy as I expected though. One bottle had a bit of mould in it, so I poured that out, the rest was fine. We will make it again one day!

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