Thursday, March 17, 2011

Slow Simple Pleasures: No 3

I have to confess that Slow, Simple Pleasures have been a little few and far between this week.

On Sunday night I had a very ungraceful fall backwards and landed on some toys!
So on Monday I was sore and sorry for myself.
On Tuesday I felt better but spent the day hanging around at the shops while the car was serviced, then Tuesday afternoons are busy.
Wednesday I took Emily to the doctor then she stayed home.
Thursday (today) I found out that now she has whooping cough.
Laura is still coughing from her whooping cough which began about 4 weeks ago now.

So, another day of re-organising things for the next few days while she completes her isolation period, and another bible study missed today.

Emily will go back to school on Monday, not too many days of school missed.
She has enjoyed doing some crafts today and watching some TV.
But we will miss a big family party on Saturday :-(

Once again I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything while I have a girl or two around ...
I haven't opened my bible all week.
Which I think is why things seem in a muddle.
That and the clutter.

This evening things fell into place a little better.
I've made a few changes in the kitchen.
Things look better and will work better.
Photos to come.
This evening we bought a food processor and I'm looking forward to using it.

And now before bed I will enjoy the slow simple pleasure of
sipping a cup of peppermint tea
and nibbling on lemon coconut slice
with the satisfaction that I have made a little progress
. . . and the kitchen is coming more under control
all the time!

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