Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slow Simple Pleasures : an Introduction

In an attempt to find pleasure and contentment in slow, simple things, I've decided to start a meme! Each week I will post about some way that I have enjoyed something simple, and I would love you to join in!

Here are the details:
What: a photo and/or words showing or describing something simple that gave you pleasure, or bought contentment.

Some examples:
picking flowers from the garden
baking a cake
reading a book
listening to music
spending time with a child
a candlelit dinner
remembering to look at the sunset

It's slow, so no rush and no pressure.
You've got two days (Tuesday and Wednesday) to join in.

Remember that it's simple, so no tutorials, no complicated posts please.
A photo or a few words is plenty.
But if you want to say more, then by all means go ahead!

Here's the image to use for Slow Simple Pleasures.
Copy and paste (I'll get a code up soon):

Link in below to your actual post, and let others know if you visit their post.
Don't forget to link back to this blog in your post so that others can join in.
And if you don't have a blog, tell me in the Comments section about your Slow Simple Pleasures!

And me? What was my slow, simple pleasure today?
I spent some time with my camera, a head of pentas and my favourite old linen tablecloth.

Zooming in on a flower makes me slow right down and appreciate the details.
I turned one of the photos into the button for this meme.

And now I'm looking forward to your Slow Simple Pleasures!


Hill upon Hill said...

I submitted a link, which I admit was an older post. I just wanted to say that I stood and watched the wombats in the cold drizzle and enjoyed. They are quite slow too aren't they, however I have heard that they can be fast.

Fiona said...

Sometimes I feel like a wombat ...

Sarah said...

Fiona, thank you for stopping by HFTS and inviting me to link up to Slow Simple Pleasures. It's a lovely idea and I'd love to join in as often as I can. Nice to meet you. I look forward to visiting often. I'm your newest follower. ~ Sarah

Poppy said...

Hi Fiona, I'm visiting from Emily's French Hutch and I'm so glad I did... this is such a wonderful idea...so true, simple things in life gives us the most pleasure!!!Do drop in and say hello.. I am your newest and I hope you will be mine..Happy Easter to you and your family...(Poppy)


Designs on 47th Street said...

Oh! I love this idea for a meme. Hopefully next week I will join in. By the way...so nice to meet you! :)


Nina said...

I submitted a link, I took my first swim in the lake this summer as my simple pleasure. Great inspitation Fiona, thankyou!