Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Builders are Back

After a 3-week break, the builders are back.

Actually, just a carpenter with other men dropping in occasionally ....

In those 3 weeks, we have ...

celebrated Christmas, 
had a family get-together, 
relaxed a little, 
been to church,
went on a picnic,
saw Tintin,
slept in,
watched DVDs,
Steve worked 4 days, 
we celebrated Emily's birthday 
and then we split into two groups (adults and children!) 
for a short break last week (post to come!) 

But mostly, it feels like we have painted

and painted

and painted.

At least the progress is obvious:

As we first saw Laura's new room on 20th December

Same corner early this morning

But there's plenty more to come, 
today the carpenter started on the doors and door architraves.

Then there's the rest of the gyprocking to be done,
and the stairs to be finished 
and the skylight to be put in ...

and then there's the slight matter of the toilet door that can't fully open
due to the new stairs above.

Yes, sad but true.

(But we have a plan for that!
Thanks to my dad.
Anyway, that's another story ....)

All of that will need to be painted.
We'll be at it for weeks yet.
But we were pleased to paint almost everything we could
before today, just one more coat needs to be done on a couple of windows.

Which is pretty good, I guess, 
considering everything we've fitted into the last 3 weeks!

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