Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day at Our House

New Year's Day,
gorgeous summer weather
and we are working hard.

After church and lunch we got stuck into some work.

Sorry, no sabbath rest for us today

... there's too much painting to be done!
(before Steve heads back to work on Tuesday)

on 20th Dec the upstairs looked like this
but now after 5-6 days painting it looks like this:

(wardrobe and roofspace)

(loving the colour of the linen cupboard) 

carpenters' notes

Stairwell still in progress - it's very hard to reach!

But it's all worth it when you get to this point
- where you can see the wall colour clean against the white cornice
... sigh ....

Emily's washing the car ....

I got tired of juggling ladders and the pile of timber in the hallway
so am taking a break to blog ...

Laura is in the front yard cleaning up 
all the little bits of builder's rubbish, plaster, gyprock

... still looking at the stairwell and wondering how to get the next two coats done ...

Steve finishing the second coat in Laura's room,
soon I will go in and cut-in and that room will be done too, 
except for the trim.

We have had a few breaks this week,
two walks to the park
a BBQ in the backyard
a visit to the cinema to see Tintin
... but I was so tired I fell asleep during the movie!

Time for a cup of tea
before I pick up my paintbrush again ...

Hope you are enjoying your New Year's Day too!

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Hill upon Hill said...

wow, it looks like a house.