Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Emily turns 14

Emily turned 14 on Saturday!
She is such a lovely girl,
we are proud to be her parents.

We celebrated with a trip to
the Olympic Aquatic Centre at Homebush

then a movie night at home
watching Fantastic Mr Fox.

Emily loved the Sylvanian Families ambulance
we gave her, although she asked for it months ago
she wasn't really expecting it!

On Sunday Mum and Dad came over for lunch
and yesterday afternoon the girls went to Mum and Dad's 
for a 3-night sleepover.

* * *

And what are we doing with our child-free time, you might ask?

Well, yesterday afternoon there was lots of this:

Painting under the new stairs.

Apparently if you don't paint two coats under the stairs
they will warp and cup after you varnish the tops of the stairs.

Steve's job was the high parts, including this tricky and dusty spot 
between the ceiling and the new floor.

And my job was to paint under the main part of the stairs.

To paint this I had to lie on my tummy
or my back
or my side
whatever it took to get each surface covered.

But it's done now, 
and we have nicer plans for the next two days :-)
Stay tuned!

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