Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cast Iron

Everyone's been talking about cast iron in blogland lately.

And since I've long been suspicious of teflon, 

and even heard that it's going to be outlawed in future, 

I've been looking out for cast iron cookware.

A few weeks ago I bought a grill and a deep pan with a lid from Target.

And I've been waiting for Aldi to sell their cast iron range again.

Well, today's the day!

The girls and I headed out early and came home with

a dutch oven, a frypan and a trivet. 

All in red to match the cast iron I bought earlier

and some ceramic casseroles I already own.

Laura and I tried out the frypan with some fried eggs for lunch.


The girls are home today due to a teacher's strike.

An unexpected bonus before the real holidays next week.

We just ducked out to the op shop

and found $5.00 jeans for Em,

a fun game

and a gift for a little friend

all for a grand total of $7.50.

Now we are snuggling in front of the heater 

before we head out to a flute lesson soon.

And then tonight,

methinks some steaks

cooked in cast iron

will go down nicely.

Hope you are enjoying the winter weather in your neck of the woods.

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