Sunday, June 24, 2012

Soaking up the Winter Sunshine

Yesterday was a beautiful winter's day, 
 so we headed out for a picnic.

After a bit of googling I found a new park we hadn't visited ...

Castle Hill Heritage Park.
Just beautiful.

Open space, trees, climbing equipment, walks
and no crowds.  

We loved it.

Today we woke up to a very chilly house, only 9 deg inside and 0 deg outside.

Church was pretty cold ... 

in a school hall with no heaters!

Back home after church

it was so cold that even with the gas heater on "high"

I stood so close that I burnt a hole in my skirt!


Once again this afternoon we were outside, finding some sun.

Some badminton on the front lawn 

and some walking warmed us up.

* * *
Loving the sunshine

and loving being together.

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