Monday, June 11, 2012

Cosy Winter Day

While the rain pours down outside

we are enjoying a cosy long weekend indoors.

The more time I have to declutter

the more calm life becomes.

One day I will paint this dresser

so that it blends a little better into the wall
and the china has a chance to shine.

 Some sunshine on the coffee table

waiting for a mother-in-law's birthday afternoon tea.

Candles and lamps make us feel cosy, too.

I finally finished the first undercoat on the stair risers.
Three more coats to go.

Until yesterday these drawers were in our bedroom.
But after a reorganisation
they sit in the living room, temporarily.

The table tennis has moved to the back corner of the room
and has been enjoyed daily.
In the corner are the painting supplies,
which I would love to have out of the house 
by the end of term, in three weeks.
Good to have something to aim for.

How are you spending the public holiday?


Hill upon Hill said...

It does look warm and dry and inviting.

Bungalowgirl said...

Thanks for your comments Fiona- I posted the reply on my post in case anyone else has the same question. Freezing our butts off up here, Queenslanders are not designed for sub 10 degree temps! melx

regina said...

hello fiona
your home look very cosy,warm and welcome.
blessings regina