Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thoughts on fussy eating ...

They told me it would happen one day.

One day, my child would stop being a "fussy eater".

I waited, and waited, and waited.

In the meantime, Emily became a conscious vegetarian who wouldn't eat most vegetables.

Or eggs or tofu or ...

But in the last few months there has been a change.

After 14 years of throwing out good food after every dinner, 

Emily is eating everything on her plate.

Every time.

Still no meat, but that's ok.

And yesterday and today, for the first time ever, 

she asked for "a healthy lunch".

So I did, bento style.

Felafel, three types of vegetables, crackers

pita bread, apple, some snacks ...

(she has a long day today and won't be home till tonight)

* * *

In my experience, fussy eating is not something

easily "cured".

Yes, we could have been more strict.

Yes, we could have had dinner earlier

before the girls got "tired"

but that would have meant missing having Daddy

with us for dinner.

Perhaps for us our family closeness and unity

was a trade-off for good eating.

I know which one I would choose

if I was to do it all over again:

The togetherness.

* * *

My girls were born fussy eaters,

they would gag on some foods as babies and toddlers.

Their fussiness wasn't my fault,

and try as I might,

they just won't eat those foods until 

they are ready.

It's been a long, long road to this point.

Laura still has trouble finishing her dinner.

But I'm sure that one day, 

she will get there too.

So ....

if you're out there wondering when your child

will start to eat everything ...

.... hang in there.

Don't be discouraged 

when other mums tell you about their 

child who won't stop eating 

anything and everything.

Or when their child snacks on cucumber

for a treat.

Just keep trying, keep dishing out those

"unwanted" foods

and hope that one day, maybe fourteen years later ...

your child will ask for a healthy lunch too.

(And then remember to get up early enough to cut all those veges so they are not late for school)

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Hill upon Hill said...

What an amazing lunch. My youngest who eats cucumbers as snacks is our fussiest eater. LOL.
All four of ours are different.