Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Laura's 13th Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated

Laura's 13th Birthday

with six of her friends here for a party.

We kept it simple

and it was a good afternoon.

Laura's friends know her well.

From six friends there were 

five new stuffed toys, 

two of them pillow pets.

Also a lovely kimono and a plasma ball 

(you can see some of them above).

Afternoon tea included

a chocolate fountain.

We found these cute elephant mugs

at Kmart

and filled them with goodies for 

smothering with chocolate

(savoiardis, strawberries, apple, marshmallow).

The girls each took their mug home

at the end of the party.

Laura asked for a malteser cake.

Activities included

Pass the Parcel

Treasure Hunt

Writing Games

(Two Truths and a Lie
How Well Do You Know Laura?)

And beading necklaces.

Now that the girls are getting older I found 

I could leave them to it sometimes

so went and had a quiet moment in my craft room

while they started up a long game of Murder Winks.

A good time.

* * *

Emily's party in 3 weeks promises to be 

a more complicated affair,

with up to 16 girls

for a sit-down 

Mad Hatter's Tea Party!


Ruthykins said...

looks like an awesome party. you can tell they all had fun

simmone said...

Love the cake,malteasers yum!I like the "simple" party idea, the Mad Hatter's tea party sounds a bit scary.