Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Lately I feel like I've been stretching.

Stretching my brain to do new things

to fit more into each day

and to manage it all.

It wasn't really intentional, 

it just happened.
. . .

I've been forcing myself to

be creative and come up with cards 

for my Stampin' Up! classes each week.

Along with this creativity

comes lots of logistical planning,

providing boundaries

that can be either helpful

or frustrating.
. . .

For my businesses

(Stampin' Up! and piano teaching)

I bought a dotcom and set up a website.

More learning and stretching.
. . .

At bible study we are reading this book

which is making me think about

the history and reality of feminism;

marriage, headship, submission and church.

I've also been listening to podcasts

which "coincidentally" 

are on the same topic.

Lots of challenges to think about.

Do I need to change??
. . .

Last week I wrote a song.

Based on John 1:1-14

which we are studying in church.

Yes, the first song I've really ever written.

And on Sunday we sang it in church!

A whole lot of stretching there.

Firstly working on the melody and lyrics ...

Recorded myself singing and playing

to send it out to the other musos

so we could play it.

(And I'm no great singer!)

Reminding myself how to use

archaic notation program

and getting it on paper in a hurry.

Then a lot of stretching on the emotional side

as it was all quite embarrassing

and I felt self-conscious,

although I've played piano at church for years.
. . .

Planning parties, costumes, outfits 

and other day-to-day stuff for the girls.
. . .

Making onigiri for the first time

and trying to come up with 

foods for my fussy eaters

(one liked it and one didn't!)
. . . 

Using technology to

become more organised 

in many areas of my life.

Realising that technology

plays a big part in our family life.

(Photo shows us after Sunday lunch,

all engrossed the logo quiz app, 

my ipad and ipod at my place)

. . .

Two new piano students,

one an absolute beginner

and the other quite advanced 

and about to do an exam.

I've been revisiting piano technique,

perhaps changing the way I

play and teach
. . .

I've started learning

two trios,

one Beethoven and one Mozart,

to play with Steve and a cellist friend.

Plenty of stretching for the old

brain (and fingers) there.
. . .

Plans for the future

and remembering the past, too, 

inspired by a lovely lady's eulogy recently.
. . .

Lots of stretching.

Slowly but surely enlarging my

outlook, my understanding 

and my capabilities.

Hard work, 

but good.
. . .

Have you been stretching too?

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Hill upon Hill said...

Isn't it wonderful?
So many riches.

I would love to hear the song which you wrote...

I am stretching: studying and investigating different pathways for learning disablities and I baked a fruit cake yesterday.....

I was going to post on those 2 topics. I hope you don't mind if I provide a link to you.