Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Mad Hatter & Stripy Girl go in a Walkathon

On Thursday

Laura celebrated her 13th birthday,

and the girls' school held a 

Wacky Walkathon.

The girls figured out their own costumes,

Emily was the Mad Hatter

and Laura bright and colourful 

with stripes and balloons to match a friend.

I found Emily a hat in a $2 shop after halloween,

we found her jacket in an op shop

and she attached spools of thread, 

pins, label, frills, the works.

Love that she can do this herself!

Of course the costumes 

had to be modified be suitable

for walking 8km for the walkathon,

hence the shorts and volleys.

And here's my birthday girl.

Love my teenage girls!

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