Saturday, November 10, 2012

One year ago

One year ago today,

builders started cutting into our roof.

I took this photo after they left for the day.

And eventually, 

over the next four months

our home went from this

to this

Here's a whirlwind reminder

of those days.

Somehow we lived 

through it all,

and even hosted Emily's birthday party,

we remembered today

(when she asked about this year's party)

I look back through my blog now

and realise that life went on during those times.

Laura graduated from primary school,

concerts were attended,

Christmas cards were made.

I carried on with my elimination diet,

cooking everything from scratch.


But, it was worth it all.

We have space to breathe,

space for each girl

and space for my craft equipment

with another quiet spot to retreat to.

There's still lots to do,

the fence is only half-painted

and the garden is a mess.

It's been quite a year.

But at this end, it's been a good one.

The chaos of the building 

was forgotten on about the

11th March,

the day after we moved the 

furniture into the upstairs.

It's true,

you really do forget about it afterwards.

Just can't believe a year has passed

since it all began ....

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Hill upon Hill said...

It looks so great. Another local family are at the point that you were a year ago, now.