Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Complete Household Guide part 2

Well ... as promised .... here are some more pictures from the Australian Complete Household Guide, (date unknown) ...

Today - fashion, crafts and sewing.

Fashion sense to fit your shape:

(Tall women should wear "wide-brimmed, shallow hats worn low on the head, or small head-hugging ones", and "large, important pieces of jewellery")

Colours to suit your complexion: (I never heard of a Brownette before!)

All perfect to keep in mind for special occasions, such as when ...

Mrs Jones nonchalantly sets the table for dinner with Mr Jones, his boss Mr Smithersby-Brown and Mrs Smithersby-Brown. She hopes Mrs Smithersby-Brown will appreciate the Salmon Mousse Tomato Boats (topped with olives imported specially) and that Mr Smithersby-Brown doesn't get tipsy this time and knock over the glass deer. She thinks the arrangement of celery on the table is a perfect mix of economy and artistic licence.

Peggy whips up some placemats on her trusty loom as an anniversary present for her husband. She knows they will look sweet with her new dress at their celebration dinner at home tonight. She is so glad she took that Weaving Class at night school before they got married.

She secretly hopes that one day she will need to do these exercises for expectant mothers:

(hmmm .... something wrong with these illustrations somehow ...)

At least in the meantime Peggy can keep herself busy with the raffia that Uncle Frank brought back the last time he went to Africa. This darling purse matches nicely with the cane lamp she made last year.

And her nephew and niece Stevie and Susy will love these dalmatians and rooster she made them for Christmas this year:
I hope you've enjoyed this vintage show and tell as much as I have.
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Hill upon Hill said...

Oh I love it... lucky IKEA has cheap placemats. The celery arrangement is...original....My body shape was not illustrated unfortunately and I may be a brownette....

mub said...

Haha this is a hoot! I am very tall so I guess I better go invest in some large jewelry!

Caroline said...

I love these old pictures specially the ones from the fifties & early sixties. Caroline