Thursday, October 16, 2008


Today I made a quick excursion to Ikea. There were a few things I had planned to get, but as usual I ended up making a few unplanned purchases. But since I don't have the current catalogue (since going no-junk-mail this year) there were things that I hadn't seen before.

This was one of my favourite purchases, I think. A little battery-operated bird light. At the moment I am enjoying it more without the light on, I love the way it catches and holds the daylight.

These apple and cinnamon tealights are scenting our bedroom while still wrapped in the plastic. Yummy!

Wrapping paper in readiness for Christmas (and I couldn't resist the cherry-coloured paper with the big flowers. So cute)

And speaking of cute, these mini animals for 95c will make cute additions to baby presents.

Other purchases ... 2 cherry coloured cardboard boxes for papers, four 50c teatowels to wrap gifts in, or make into bags, and some fabric to cover an old armchair. I'll post some photos of that soon. A future project. And some secrets for the girls. Which I can't say because they read my blog.

This morning I started back at my Thursday craft group, I hadn't been for a term. It was good fun to be back, I have missed going. Today I made 3 felt birds and started on another decoration. So far I am feeling unusually organised for Christmas this year. I hope I can keep it up!

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Hill upon Hill said...

Really nice finds. Looks like they have different stock in from the usual stock they carry. Love the candles.