Saturday, October 25, 2008


This callistemon in our front garden finally has one good bloom on it, after 2 years. Earlier attempts have been blown away in the first wind, or so straggly as not to be noticed. Callistemons are commonly called Bottle Brushes, with good reason. This one is soaking up our evening sun, enjoying daylight savings, after a few cold miserable days.

Today we tidied, had flute lessons, then after lunch visited a flea market and the library. That outing resulted in 3 bags of books, but at least 2 of them will return to the library in 4 weeks!
Tonight I'm out to a coffee evening with women from church, a talk on motherhood (I think), and dessert. I'm contributing a Tangy Lemon Slice, which I think I have only made once before. I'm hoping it will come out of the baking tin okay, or I'm in trouble!


Caroline said...

Hope your Tangy Lemon slice turned out well. I love this slice

Linda said...

Very pretty. The colour seems to fit in well with its environment.