Saturday, October 18, 2008

A good day

Today was a good day.

Saturday. No school.
A sleep-in for Mum and Dad.
A quick trip to a local Fun Day (fair) to hand in a late colouring competition entry.
Some tidying of a messy bedroom
A slice baked (Oat and Choc Chip)
Flute lessons and a nearby fete
A new collection of second-hand books
A Polly Pocket car, very cute dolls clothes Mummy couldn't resist
Lunch of English muffin pizzas
A music theory lesson
A visit to the church Fun Day
A black sheep being shorn (with clippers!)
Lambs and a sheepdog to pat
A balloon poodle for a girl
More second-hand goodies
Bracelets threaded
Popcorn munched
Friendly people met
1st prize won in the colouring competition!
A spin art set won and enjoyed at home
Two then three fiddles played
Slice and a cup of tea
Some tin whistle
A bike ride
A stack and a brave face
A husband off to play at a bush dance
Sausages and criss-cross potatoes for dinner
Girls to bed

And not a single photo to show!

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