Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Day in my Life

I am participating in Little Jenny Wren's A Day in my Life, which is run on the 14th of each month.

This morning we woke to a grey sky, after a very warm day yesterday. Yesterday was a very busy first day of term - back into normal routine plus back to work for me - it was all pretty tiring especially with the heat, and today I am exhausted. So I was glad today is cooler, but the grey skies were not helping my mood!

I stumbled out of bed when I could and talked in incoherent sentences to Emily who was off to band practice at 7.45am (while I was in the shower, thankfully Steve took her).

The radar promised a lot of rain, which is good. I like rain much better than grey skies! While we were having breakfast it began to sprinkle, these photos were taken out the window by the table:

Seeing the raindrops on the leaves and flowers made me feel a bit better already!

Steve headed off to work and I rushed about doing morning jobs, getting the next daughter off to school, making a few phone calls etc, then I had a quick cup of tea before heading off to bible study. I was leading the study this week and we covered Matthew 1-4 which was quite a long slog, but good. Next week we start doing much shorter passages as part of a series our church is doing, this was an introduction and overview. It was good to meet again after having a break in the school holidays.

After bible study I drove to our local shops and began my weekly shopping. I was soon distracted but was excited to find a few things I wanted for Christmas. At Aldi I bought one of the last Gingerbread House kits:

We made this kit last year and it was lots of fun. In the past I have participated in the church gingerbread house extravaganzas, but never again! This was a smaller house and more manageable, and we made it at home together. The little candy characters are so cute, too.

I also bought some other favourites ready for Christmas. (although in the past I do find we are still eating these some time after Christmas!)

At a kitchen gadget shop I found these star cutters, so I can make those trees made of layered stars that you see sometimes ... a good excuse to practise some shortbread recipes!

At our shopping centre they are running a promotion where if you spent $40 on fresh food you receive a free cookbook! Last week I chose the chocolate book (the girls were with me and persuaded me) but I regretted not getting the chicken book, although the chocolate book is excellent, the chicken book seemed more useful for everyday cooking. So I was very excited to get the chicken book today! The recipes look great and I can't wait to try some.

Eventually I got the shopping done and headed home.

But before unpacking it and doing the afternoon school run (later today thank goodness due to band rehearsals and instrument lessons) I sat down and had (another) cup of tea and a piece of delicious Haigs fudge, given to me for my birthday. Ah ....

Thus fortified (LOL) I headed to school and chatted with my sweet Emily (who was today voted to be class captain for the term) while we waited for Laura. With the stressful parts of my day over I felt relaxed and happy, and loved hearing the news of a day in Year 5. I watched as Emily ran across the school quadrangle, then walked in the middle of the concrete and waved her arms and legs around (looked better than it sounds) and marveled at the wonderful un-self-consciousness of a child, even one who is 10 and a class captain.

Laura finished her band practice, and came out a bit grumpy but cheered up when she heard that her (toy) bunny was still sitting cutely in the car waiting for her, as she left her this morning, squashed in thecavity in the back seat where the fold-down armrest goes. Floppy was wearing a tshirt labeled CUTIE and was very cute. I had been under instructions today to reprimand Floppy if she misbehaved, but fortunately she didn't.

Home for afternoon tea - Lemon Coconut Slice and an episode of The Flying Nun - lots of 1960s goodness. Then homework and a bit of recorder playing, showers, discipline to manage, the usual 6.00pm stuff.

Dinner of curried tuna and then out to play at an Irish session. Instruments tonight: fiddles, whistles, accordion, concertinas, bouzouki, banjo, guitar. Now to gather together some new music for my recorder class at 8.30am tomorrow before hopping into bed hopefully around midnight.


Hill upon Hill said...

What a nice day. Loved your photos. Congratulations to Emily.

libby said...

I enjoyed reading about your day. Sounds like a good one with a mix of relaxing and being productive.