Monday, October 20, 2008

A Birthday and a Banana Cake

Yesterday I gave my niece the quilt I made her back in May, and she seemed to like it - although she was somewhat distracted while I took the photo! She wasn't feeling entirely well though, unfortunately. I however, was feeling quite unreasonably proud at making a handmade present 5 months ago just as I sometimes dream of! (I will conveniently forget that minutes before the party I was rushing around to find a big gift bag, pulling things out of the craft cupboard .... oh well!)

She had 2 beautiful birthday cakes to share among the crowd - one a heart with an amazing candle which "exploded" and then opened out into a lily shape, and the other a butterfly, both covered with colouful lollies.

This morning I minded Little A, and afterwards enjoyed a piece of delicious banana (baked by Jacqui) with a cup of chai tea.

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Hill upon Hill said...

Such a beautiful, thoughtful gift. Quite right to enjoy giving it to her and the joy in having it ready.....