Saturday, April 25, 2009

A New Start

After about 6 days of not feeling great, but feeling grateful to my wonderful husband who kept us all going, yesterday I started to feel more normal, the weather began to clear, and the days of cat-minding are coming to an end.

Now don't get me wrong. Millie is a very cute cat, and I love to have her snuggle onto my lap, and to admire her delicate features - but I just don't think our house is very cat-friendly. It is too easy for a cat to escape out the front or back door (don't ask me how I know that, just think of me imagining the phone call to my sister that her daughters' cat is lost! Then imagine my relief a few minutes later when we found her).

I haven't been able to iron, or get much cleaning done, as Millie wants to be in on the act. The girls have kept their bedroom door closed so that Millie doesn't get permanently lost among their mess. Each day I've gone in about 5pm and cleared a path to their beds. We're looking forward to doing a big clean-up and makeover of their room soon, but this was not the week. On top of that the girls were going a bit stir-crazy being inside all the time (like the cat) and we've had some ... ummm ... moments.

On Tuesday night I was privileged to hear Annemarie Ezzo speak on the topic of quiet times, and their importance. I'm looking forward to a more normal routine starting up again in the next few days, with some more tidying of the house, some quiet times, and some exercise.

So with all these feelings in mind yesterday afternoon it was perfect to see this beautiful rainbow right over our house yesterday afternoon.


Hill upon Hill said...

Lovely photo. E and I thought it looked very Queenslandish.

Fiona said...

Yes I have often thought of removing those palm trees, they don't suit my cottage garden plan at all!

yuki said...

Hi! I'm behind you.
Good luck!