Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

I have had a lovely Mothers Day, starting with presents this morning and then all going to church, home for some delicious take-away Indian food, a quick walk, then off to my parents for much more food and meeting with family. A quick visit to Steve's mum and now home again. It was a lovely warm day, almost too warm in winter clothes!

At church every mother was given a lovely long-stemmed rose!
(very hard to photograph with a 10-year-old bouncing around in the background!)

My family gave me lovely presents, including several types of chocolates, candied peanuts, some alphabet rub-ons, and 3 DVDs - Julia & Julia, North by North-West, and Green Card. So I'm looking forward to watching the movie and eating the chocolates simultaneously ASAP! (But no DVD tonight when a new series of my favourite show Foyle's War begins on the ABC! That won't stop me eating any chocolate, of course ...)

Laura gave me a very cute present, courtesy of the school Mothers Day stall.

A very cute ladybird on a chain.

When you squeeze the antennae, a watch is revealed! Very cute and wearable!

Yesterday the girls and I bought some new clothes, Laura got this lovely cardigan, she is so sweet and cuddly in it!

I bought a dress and some skirts, plus tights and leggings to wear them with. I'm hoping they'll all be comfortable and practical. I just can't stand being uncomfortable in my clothes! The pinafore I am wearing today (above) is so comfy, made in a knit fabric - I wish I had one in every colour!

We've been doing lots of knitting and crocheting here lately, I'm looking forward to showing it to you soon.

Hope you have had a lovely Mothers Day too!

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Hill upon Hill said...

We watched Foyle. Excellent. I love Greencard as well!