Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last-Minute High School Musical costume How-To

Today at school the girls could dress as a character from a "school" movie - Grease, High School Musical, Hogwarts, School of Rock etc., or they could just wear mufti.

Emily mentioned this to me a day or two ago, and then last night at bedtime (9.00pm):

"I wanted to dress as a cheerleader from HSM!"

ummm ... not possible!

"Let me think about it"

... a bit of googling ...

and this is what I came up with. A white and red felt E stitched onto a red jacket Emily already had. She put the rest of the outfit together, and voila, a very cute East High School student, ready for school!

I used the Rockwell font to print out a large E, which I used as a pattern to cut a white felt E. I then cut a larger red E and an even larger white E (I just eyeballed these, didn't use a pattern - hence the slight wonkiness ...) I pulled out the sewing machine and topstitched through all the layers, then basted the whole thing onto the jacket by hand.

Time taken: 10minutes
Wearer satisfaction: high!
(better than mufti but not too conspicuous either)

As a bonus, E is of course Emily's initial, so she's going to keep this E on the jacket for a while.

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LV said...

You did a remarkable job on her cheer leading outfit. Too, you made her happy. That is what is important.