Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Afternoon

Our Easter continued to be a good day.
After a delicious dinner 
we played Cluedo.
Laura won.

She and I baked gluten-free Easter biscuits.

and iced them in pastel colours.

Steve continued to clear out sections of our back garden,
in preparation for a new fence.
I helped with the cleaning up.
The garden is looking much better, 
although very empty.

In the late afternoon sunshine 
the girls discovered they could make funny shadows
on what is left of the fence
so we all collaborated on some
artistic shadow dancing
with much laughter.

 just as the daylight was fading
I discovered these in the front yard:


for Easter.

They must think they are in the Northern Hemisphere!

After dark, some Dr Who with the girls,
crackers and dip,
and a game of Ono 99,
quite unexpectedly played in French.

A good day.

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