Thursday, March 14, 2013

Captured Sunshine

We have had some glorious sunny days this week.

This moment captured

during Laura's flute lesson,

at her teacher's house.

I walked a few blocks;

enjoying the mix of heat and breeze,

and the company of two terriers

who joined me for a while,

one black and one white.

  * * *

Today, on the other hand, is dull and gloomy.

I always find it hard to believe the

passing of time on days like this.

The end of the schoolday 

takes me quite by surprise.

   * * *

But despite the gloom outside,

good things are happening.

Soon I go to pick up our car from the smash repairs'.

Enough of driving strange cars.

I've made a marshmallow/rice puff slice

to soothe my cravings for treats,

and now am going to play some harp.

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