Friday, March 15, 2013

Thrifted Lately

It's never too soon after Christmas to buy more Christmas music.
Just what I wanted - more Bing, and more choral music.
The piano CD will be good for my students.

One of my advanced piano students can use this book,
she is playing a Chopin Nocturne for 8th grade piano.


Laura will like playing from this one.

This book of sonatas is for me ... or perhaps one day for someone else.

Emily has this sax book already,
I might sell this on ebay,
to make another parent glad of a bargain!
I can probably make back the cost of all the
books I bought in that visit to the op shop.

I love that some days I can go into the op shop 
and find great sheetmusic for just $1.00.

I know for a fact that some of these books cost around $30.00 retail.

(This week I had to buy a certain saxophone piece.
No second-hand copies available,
No time to order in from the States, 
I had to buy it new in Australia
so that Emily can perform it in a few weeks.
$27.95 plus postage
for one piece, just 4 pages long!)

* * *

But the most exciting thing I found that day at the op shop
was something I've been looking for, 
and waiting for,
for about 17 years:

My very own copy,
for just $1.50,
and enjoyed just as much now
as when I read it once on loan in 1996!
(When I was too much of a 
cheap-skate to buy it new for $29.95)

* * *
What have you found at the op shop lately?

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simmone said...

I firmly believe good things come to those who wait,P and P,lovely find for you and one can never have too much Bing.