Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The sad state of things

Is there such a thing as too many gadgets?


I have spent too many hours in the last week

with a new phone.

Taking delivery of said phone;

setting up said phone;

and (most painfully of all)

getting contacts from old phone to said new phone

has taken too much of my life and sleep.

But I'm over the hump now

and hope to be able to move on with my life!

. . .

(yes, I know it would be a little easier if I had an iPhone

but I can't justify the cost.

Getting this phone & plan is actually 

saving us money overall by reducing our broadband costs,

and Emily will have my old phone, her's is dying.

And in case you're wondering,

I'm preferring some aspects of the Windows phone

to those of an iPhone,

but looking forward to better apps and future updates;

storage also seems to be an issue)

. . .

In other news, 

I taught Yr 6 last week at our local primary school

and finally got a moment to sit and 

figure out the Smartboard.

A big technology learning week for me.

Maybe now it's time to do something 

old-fashioned for a while ...

1 comment:

Hill upon Hill said...

...and you continue to learn (I remember your posts about the harp).