Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Picnic by the Harbour

Yesterday we headed to the harbour

to celebrate Steve's birthday with a picnic.

It was a hot day, and we were in search of

a cool breeze.

We had lunch at Balls Head,

and took these photos on a large rock sitting in the harbour.

(Since Balls Head is covered with trees

the view can only be glimpsed from other areas of the headland.)

And what a view it is.

  Tired of trying to spot the harbour while 

exploring the walking tracks on Balls Head,

we drove to Blues Pt Rd and discovered 

Sawmiller Park.

Down some steps



Aaahh, much better.

From our picnic rug:

Harbour, breeze, shady trees, 

And a shipwreck, as well.

Birthday cake was enjoyed,

friendly dogs were greeted,

photos were taken,

and we all felt relaxed and refreshed.

In the late afternoon sunshine

we headed home,

(with a stop for iceblocks on the way).

A good day.

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Hill upon Hill said...

Happy birthday Steve...