Monday, May 19, 2014

Back into the Piano Studio

Since Saturday I've started to feel more normal.
It's almost 3 weeks now since my surgery
and although I'm still a little tired and dizzy,
I'm well enough to ease back into things, including piano teaching.

Come into my piano studio. 

 This is by far the darkest room of our house,
so I've tried to give it a cosy feel with warm walls (Dulux Puppy)
to help the dark furniture blend in.

This is where I spend time each week teaching my 10 or so students.
I bought the piano just before we got married, in time to move into the house
before the wedding. I think I bought it before we owned any furniture (first things first).
(Actually, I'd recommend that order to anyone, 
it's much easier to fit the rest of the furniture around a piano 
than to fit a piano into a house later, pianos are picky about where they like to be.)

 This is some of our sheet music, surrounded by more instruments, music and teaching aids.
My harp normally sits here, too.

By the piano is a watercolour by my mother-in-law,
painted from a newspaper photo of Yehudi Menuhin's hands and violin.

Over the piano are three favourite old songs.
Two of these belonged to my Nanna, and my great-aunt.

This room is really known to us as "the study", not "the piano studio".
Over the other side of the room is the less-pretty section  
- desk, computer, more instruments, an old wardrobe, and files section.  
It's a busy room with a lot going on in here each day.
A fair amount of juggling objects goes on -
Steve even does his morning workouts in here (somehow).

It's warm today, up to 25deg. I've opened up the window to let in some fresh air.
I'm looking forward to teaching again this afternoon, it's been a long time since Term 1.
I'm thrilled that my most advanced student did brilliantly in a recent significant exam,
and am looking forward to catching up with my students in the coming fortnight.
And now, I'll be able to hear naturally!  
(No more avoiding those high notes that the hearing aid just didn't cope with.)

But before then, I'll be resting up a bit to save my strength ;-)


Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

It's a gorgeous space Fiona! I have the fondest memories of going to Piano lessons in a cosy little room of my Teacher's home. Hope you continue to recover well from your surgery...Mel xxx

Amy at love made my home said...

I like your advice to buy the piano first! If I ever have a house with room to have a piano and time/money to have piano lessons I will bear that in mind! I hope that you don't have too many errant high notes from your piano pupils! Good to know that you are moving back to your usual life. xx