Saturday, May 24, 2014

On the kitchen bench

I was rewarded for forcing myself out the door this morning to go for a walk.
I'm hoping that if I keep pushing myself to be active in the mornings
the dizziness might improve.
(The plan doesn't seem to be working, but it does help to alleviate boredom).

So I dragged Emily out for a walk around the block
and we came upon a garage sale - the most interesting kind
where the entire c1960s contents of the house are on sale.

I was most restrained and just bought this cute Pyrex casserole dish ($2)
- I've always wanted a snowflake Pyrex casserole dish :)
and I love the size of it, great for veges and small dishes;
and a sweet little jug ($1), just a cheap reproduction, but it makes me happy.

And we bought a wheelbarrow, but that doesn't fit on the kitchen bench.

And actually, now I remember that it's still at the garage sale,
waiting for Steve to collect it later.
I couldn't wheel it home, and Emily wouldn't.
Lucky for her - when we got home there were two cute boys on the doorstep
collecting for the Salvation Army.  Bad enough to be seen carrying a casserole dish, 
let alone pushing a wheelbarrow!

Also on the bench today,

pears in a cute white bowl given to me by my mother-in-law,

and a finger.

A plaster-cast, creepily realistic mold of Laura's finger,
complete with Laura's favourite turquoise nailpolish,
made in a science class some time ago ...
which somehow last week appeared on the bench 
and seems in no hurry to leave.

Adding a certain something to the everyday kitchen vignette.

* * *

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday.


Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh that pyrex is divine! I am still hoping to come across a colourful snowflake design too. Sounds like my kind of garage sale! So sorry you are still battling effects from the surgery. Praying for grace & patience & healing. Xx

Amy at love made my home said...

Oh Fiona!! The finger has me in hysterics!!! I love the way that it "seems in no hurry to leave"!!!!! that is just so funny!

Sorry, I am recovered now! Sorry to hear that you are still not yourself yet, I hope that it will settle down in time. I know that hearing and ear things have a big effect on balance and dizziness, but still not nice for you. Your purchases are very pretty and I am glad to see that the wheelbarrow is not on the bench though. I love the snowflake pyrex, very pretty indeed!

I hope that the rest of your weekend is good - and that that finger finds a new home very soon!! xx

Anonymous said...

I have found dizziness can be helped with the ginger Travelcalm tablets. Don't know if they will suit your situation but may be worth a try. Best wishes.

Fiona said...

Thanks for the suggestion, although I normally have to avoid ginger because of the high salicylate content. A week on from writing this post I am finally starting to feel less dizzy. Thanks for visiting.