Wednesday, May 7, 2014


convalescence (ˌkɒnvəˈlɛsəns)
1. (Medicine) gradual return to health after illness, injury, or an operation, esp through rest
2. (Medicine) the period during which such recovery occurs

It's been a week now since my ear surgery, and things are going well.
I've had the expected symptoms of dizziness, some ear pain and tiredness.  My tongue is numb on one side and my ear is uncomfortable from being stuffed full of packing.  I've had some days where I felt miserable, dizzy, or exhausted, but am definitely on the mend now.

And there have been consolations.

Flowers in hospital from Mum & Dad, 
and tulips from bible study after I arrived home.

Much, much Downton.
And I'm catching up on lots of chick flicks.

I'm crocheting my poncho, almost finished.

Dreaming of my next crochet projects, and garden plans

Emily made me the cutest birdy to cheer me

and the bunny dish Laura gave me at Easter still makes me smile.

Today I managed to make simple Mothers Day cards.  Just.

Steve has been an untiring nurse / housekeeper / cook / errand-runner
picker-upper of things I can't bend down for / hairdresser (keeping the ear dry!) /
florist and much, much more.

Mum and Jacqui have helped with some meals, and there have been texts and
emails, and tonight there were more flowers from some students.

Tomorrow I visit the surgeon to have most of the packing in my ear removed.
I should be much more comfortable in the ear, and I should be able to hear!
From then on I need to rest for at least another week,
and be patient while my hearing comes and goes a bit while my ear settles down
over the coming weeks and months.

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Amy at love made my home said...

I'm so glad to - I was going to say hear from you, but not sure if that is appropriate! You know what I mean I hope. Anyhow, it is good to know that things are going OK and that you are on the mend. It sounds as though everyone is taking good care of you. I hope that you are enjoying the relaxation - such as it is! Keep taking care and I wait further news as and when. Still thinking of you. xxxx