Thursday, May 22, 2014

One day ...

Just reminding myself that exactly four weeks ago,
on a similarly sunny morning,
I was in a kayak with Laura, heading to explore an island or two.
Feeling energetic and intrepid.

Noone in that kayak had a headache, noone was dizzy from surgery, 
noone was tired of being sick and helpless and stuck at home
(despite their best intentions to just get on with it).
Noone felt that their patience was being sorely tried
and that everything about their life was just one big unsolvable mess.

Instead, we powered on, focused, landing on one island and then the other,
treading gingerly in our bare feet on the mushy reeds and strange plants.
We discovered large bones (pelican?)
and tried to pick out Steve and Emily back on shore,
waving anyway, in case they were looking.
Then we paddled back, feeling triumphant, and just tired enough.
The sun was getting too hot for so much activity, and it was time for morning tea.

One day, we'll feel like this again.

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Amy at love made my home said...

I hope that you both have lots of days like this again and very soon too. You both deserve to have times like this. xx