Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

Mothers Day began early for me 
when Steve surprised me with flowers on Saturday night.     

Lucky me!  More flowers.
(And more floristry practice for Steve,
arranging them in a suitable vase or jug,
he's getting quite good at it now ;-)

I had hoped to manage to go to church in the morning,
but it was not to be.
We all enjoyed a sleep-in and after a late breakfast
I was given these lovely presents.

including some fun jewellery from Steve, 
that I picked out on our holiday at Green Point,

this sweet ceramic bird from Emily also came home from the lakeside.

Emily also gave me some very cute fabric.
Laura gave me a notepaper cube
and some nutty treats.
Steve also gave me Downton season 4,
just what the doctor ordered for this next week of rest.

Steve moulded cookie dough into hearts for morning tea.
(Such a romantic).

Dinner was delicious, once again provided by Steve
who is of course doing all the cooking these days.

After lunch we played Cluedo and then went for a short walk 
(just around the block).
It was lovely to do that again.
Steve made cupcakes for afternoon tea.

I am so thankful to my wonderful Steve, 
who has taken such good care of me the last two weeks, 
giving up so much time to manage everything,
and still made the effort to make 
my Mothers Day a special day.


Amy at love made my home said...

I'm so glad that you had such a good day, your necklace is beautiful and looks as though it is very tactile. I hope that you enjoy your new series of Downton while you are resting up this week, when you get to the last episode that is the one that was filmed at "my" house!! Glad that you are doing so well. xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Haven't you got a beautiful family. I'm so glad to hear your hubby has taken such good care of you during your recovery. I love the new jewellery. Xx

Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

Love these pics of you and the family!!! Glad you have been well looked after by your loved ones, being on the other side (with Hubby having been in Hospital 5 days) I totally underestimated how much impact having 1 adult out of action is......Mel x