Sunday, June 22, 2014

In which we get to go out like normal people

They say it never rains but it pours.

I hardly ever get to go out for a meal, let alone a movie,
and then suddenly I have three days of
restaurants and movies.

While the girls were at camp Steve and I had two date nights.
On Wednesday night we had a delicious dinner at a local bar & grill.
I had Morrocan Lamb Rump, (on a stack of grilled vegetables and a bed of hummus).
Steve had a Seafood Mornay Pie.
(unfortunately I didn't take any photos of our yummy meals,
just one of the pretty lights in our mall).

Then we headed to the cinema and saw Edge of Tomorrow
with Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt.
I panicked a little when I saw the ads before the movie,
firstly because they were so loud 
(especially for someone who recently got her hearing back in one ear!)
and secondly because the movies advertised were all very sci-fi.
Thankfully the movie was at a more reasonable volume
and the sci-fi element was only a small part of Edge of Tomorrow.
 We liked the action/Groundhog Day mix.
It was pretty quiet out,
seems that all the normal people were home,
watching the State of Origin match.
There was only one other person in theatre,
we enjoyed our back row seats ;-)

On Thursday night we went to our favourite local Thai restaurant,
and enjoyed Garlic Lamb and Satay Chicken, on Saffron Rice.

At the video shop we found the movie I was looking for -
I loved this movie.
Think: 1950s, France (and in French!), secretaries, typing competitions,
50s songs and 1950s style title animation.

What more can I say?  See it.

On Friday I had lunch out with my good friends Fiona & Tanya.
I don't think I've been out for lunch since my birthday in September!

Over my gourmet chicken burger (GF!)
and their fish & chips and barramundi
we (quite unintentionally) came up with plans to
reorganise all sorts of things at church.
Now we just have to persuade our minister. Lol.

After lunch I rushed to collect the girls from school,
and found myself in a traffic jam of about 10 buses, 700 girls and
250 parents.  Not sure why the school thought it was a good idea
for all the camps to finish at the same time...

And on Friday night (while eating a good steak with the yummiest butternut pumpkin ever)
Steve and I watched 12 Years a Slave.

Which was also really good.  Powerful. But harrowing.

Yesterday, we returned to normal life.
No fancy meals, no movies ... just some good memories.

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Amy at love made my home said...

Sounds like a great time Fiona!! Out and about all on your own! You will want to do it some more now no doubt. Glad that the film wasn't too too loud! xx