Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Out and about again

The last few days I've started to go out and about a bit more.
After 5 weeks it is finally getting easier.
On Sunday I drove us girls to church.
About a block from home I started feeling dizzy already,
it was not an easy drive, and I didn't feel that great in church.
But I felt better than the previous Sunday, so can see progress.
Yesterday I needed a day at home, and was teaching piano from 4-7pm.

Today ... drumroll ...
I drove and shopped and drove and shopped.

I drove to the orthodontist, then to school.
I drove to Coles to buy some milk.
$85.00 later (you know how it is?) I left Coles.
I drove home, and realised I'd left the milk at the checkout!
Of all things to leave ...
I drove back to Coles.
This afternoon I drove the girls to the shops
and to the library.
I drove home.
Later I drove Emily to ballet in the dark.

I tell you, it is like getting my Ps all over again.
Lots of 'firsts'.
First time in the dark.
First time in traffic.
First time in the shopping centre carpark.
First time letting the girls chatter in the back seat while I drive 
Hopefully after today I can just move on and not think about it anymore.

I'm feeling less dizzy and more energetic
and I think the brain fog has left for good now. 
Thank goodness.

On Saturday I'm hosting afternoon tea here for 24 or so family members,
for Mum's birthday. 
It's good to have a project to work towards.

At the library was an exhibition of knitted and crocheted scenes
called Yarning Our Country - apparently a cooperative effort of 
200 knitters of all ages from all over NSW, including some local knitters.
I was glad I could take a few quick photos on my phone,
they were really cleverly done, and one can't stand staring at them forever at the library.
There must have been thousands of knitting-hours put into these creations.

The first one above was a water and tree scene, complete with leaf garland and knitted birdlife.
And I just noticed the Kermit-style frogs in the background, very cute.

This one was a picnic scene with an amazing backdrop, more leafy bunting,
 bush critters, trees, and people looking a bit uncertain about their picnic.
And look at the chicks in their nest!

I loved this farm scene with another amazing (but smaller) embroidered background.
I just wanted to sit down and play with this one, to be honest.

This scene was much smaller, but very effective, with so many colourful flowers.

Loved the tulips and daffodils.  
You can see more of this exhibition here.


Amy at love made my home said...

I am glad that you are feeling more yourself again and getting back to your normal life. I hope that your Mum has a great birthday party at your house! The exhibition is wonderful, thank you for sharing that with us. xx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

How wonderful to feel you're making small steps of progress. Always good for the soul. May it continue & get even better. Xx