Monday, June 16, 2014

Winter morning

I wake to the alarm, the sound of flute arpeggios, and hit snooze.
My face feels cold, and I snuggle my nose under the heavy doona,
but a few minutes later, I feel too hot.  
I push the doona off my left shoulder and that 10cms of cold is enough
for me to float quickly back into slumber.
Steve takes Emily to band practice, and I open one eye to say goodbye to them.
I see golden light outside, the warm cloud cover has gone,
yesterday's red sunset was right, today is a shepherd's delight.

I hit snooze another couple more times, but finally I step out into the cold house
and am soon in a hot shower.
Laura, determined to go to school today,
is hopping around on her crutches. 
She offers to make her lunch and I don't say no.
I realise she can't manage the bus with crutches, 
so at 8.15 I drive her to school, and stop off at Coles afterwards
for milk, remembering to bring the milk home this time.

I am tired from the weekend, but thankfully not dizzy, 
and looking forward to sitting and resting.
By 9.00 I am finally eating my breakfast of boiled eggs,
and reading Down to Earth
 I see Rhonda has sorted out her laundry,
something I was planning to do today. 


Maybe tomorrow ...

After just 5 minutes of reading without glasses (oops) I have a headache,
so I head outside to hang out yesterday's washing,
which has been on clotheshorses in the living room for 24hrs.

It is about 12 deg by now, but since the washing is already half dry, my fingers
don't get too cold.

I stop to admire my patterned legs.

And, back inside by the heater, the scarf I crocheted last year to match my jeans.

The phone rings, it is Steve, and I find out that while I was outside,
Laura was trying to contact me from school, she is just too tired and sore
So, I drive back to school to collect her at 10.00am.

We come home and have morning tea,
the inside temperature is just 13deg.
I turn the heater up to 'high',
and finally get to sit down for half an hour,
I sign up to this newsletter
and email to Mum on my ipad,
this time wearing my glasses.

I hang out another load of washing,
and head to the computer to upload my photos, 
wanting to hold on to the morning, and its goodness,
despite the few hiccups to the plan.


Emily will be home at lunchtime, and then I will go and do some stamping
with a small group of primary students, at the school where our church meets.
I will be teaching  them the joys of brayering.
Then I will come home and teach 6 piano students.

I'll be even tireder tonight
 - but tomorrow there's another winter morning 
to look forward to.

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Amy at love made my home said...

I really enjoyed reading the description of your morning today. It is funny you talking about it being cold and the winter, I am sitting here with the fan blowing on me and the windows are all open to cool the house down and let in some fresh air! Hope that your afternoon and lessons went well. xx