Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Today I love ...

(even on a windows phone)

... new craft supplies,
particularly this brushstroke stamp in the new 
Work of Art Stampin' Up! set,
which I used to make this rainbow card for a friend

... and this set of Memory Box dies
which I will no doubt use again and again

... that I found some jonquils in the garden
when I thought we had no flowers anywhere

... and that I had a clear table to enjoy them on.

our church;
on Sunday we gathered at a backyard pool for a baptism,
(a lovely grandmother who lately came to know the Lord)
and once again I was thankful for this group of families
who love and accept and grow together,
we are truly a family

... and being home, snug (enough) inside today

while the wind howls outside and the house is pelted
with small branches from the tall trees around.


Amy at love made my home said...

Some good times! xx

Hill upon Hill said...

Cosy, cosy....

I love your dresser now that you painted it.