Friday, May 30, 2008

Warning: sunglasses required!

Here is my "quick quilt" I whipped up back here, and actually finished yesterday at craft! The colours are soooo bright, and not my usual thing ... it started as a baby gift quilt, but got bigger and more girly, so it will go to my niece. I will pack it away until her birthday in October. Can you see her name in the quilting?

This was my first attempt at machine quilting, and the loops are super-huge and were super-tricky. I "scribbled" around the border. But it was a good learning experience and I like the way it turned out all puffy with the polyester wadding. This quilt is quilted much more closely, and with 80/20 cotton batting, so it's quite different, and much better to quilt (although it seems to be taking forever!). It was nice to finish this little project, (if for no other reason than to get one quilt-in-progress out of the living room - one down, two to go!)

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