Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A bit like Christmas ...

I've had a couple of not-so-good days here,

so it was perfect timing on Monday

to find a parcel from the UK on my doorstep!

with a lovely English Christmas card inside

beautiful wrapping, JUST they way I like it 

- red & white are my favourite colours for wrapping;

and inside the layers,

four sweet parcels to unwrap ...

... such fun!

Inside, four beautiful ornaments,

gifts from a giveaway by the lovely

Just in time for us to trim our tree this weekend.

Thanks so much, Amy,

I love them all.

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Amy at love made my home said...

Oh Fiona, I feel all teary at seeing those things that were here, now with you! I am so glad that they arrived after you had had a not good couple of days to cheer you up! I hope that they did add some cheer.

Don't think I'm daft, but I saw the first picture on my blog reading list and I thought, that looks just like one of my christmas cards - how daft is that!

I'm so glad that you like them and the wrapping, that is how I am planning to do most of my gifts this year.

I know that it is still November, but HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU my lovely Australian bloggy friend.

I hope that your smile is as big as the one that you have given me. xx