Friday, November 29, 2013


A busy day:
baking melting moments
(to be filled and eaten tomorrow at our 
family birthdays/early Christmas afternoon tea)

 and shopping all afternoon:
presents for tomorrow
clothes for me
make up for ballet concert...
the list goes on.

And an expensive car service.
Money is going out at an alarming rate;
fortunately in the last couple of days we 
received an unexpected tax refund.

Much as I enjoy shopping ;-)
I do find it hard to balance 
our "need" for items, eg clothing, gifts
and my desire for 
a simpler, less expensive life.

The games my mind plays exhaust me sometimes.
Spend? Save? Give?
Make do? Mend? Go without?
Too expensive. Too cheap.

I'd love to give more to charities
and to church;
but there are constant lists of things
to buy for our first-world life,
requests and needs from the girls,
and to be honest,
 my selfish nature wants more for me, too.

But I do feel a gradual change coming.
Slowly, slowly.
I'm learning to let go a little,
and be more generous.

Because deep down 
I know that money and possessions
are not what life is really about at all,
despite all Christmas marketing to the contrary.

Do you struggle with this at this time of year, too?


Justjen said...

I've always lived with "just enough" I was brought up that way. Our kids are almost all grown now, and life does get simpler and financially easier, and you find it's easier to donate a little more. You still worry about them, that seems to be a given for life. But now for me, it's all about enjoying and appreciating who I have around me, instead of what I have around me :-).

simmone said...

I think it's easier for us adults to remember that it's all just stuff, the kids not so much. Hubby and I never buy ourselves gifts at Christmas, as we get things we like (within reason) all year long. I know what you mean about wanting to give more esp. to those countries that don't even enjoy the basics. Have been enjoying catching up on all your lovely simple pleasures. Bickies look divine btw.