Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday ...

This term Laura has been having iceskating lessons

on Saturday mornings.

As it turns out, today was the first day I have been the one to 

take her and her friend out to the rink.

So I got to enjoy the beautiful surroundings at Norwest

with my new camera.

Norwest is not your ordinary business/industrial area ...

After the skating lesson,

we moved on to the main event,

in Laura's mind, at least ...

Buying iceskates!

Happy (early) Christmas, Laura!

And look, they suit her perfectly.

The girls stayed for a practice session,

and I drove home in a thunderstorm
and torrential rain, even a little hail.

After which I baked some chia bread
to warm me up,
before dozing for some of the afternoon 
while Steve was out on errands.

Now Emily has gone out to see 
Catching Fire with friends.

So, it's one of those Saturdays
when we don't see each other much,
but we are each doing nice things.

* * *
Hope you are having a good Saturday, too.

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Amy at love made my home said...

All of your new camera pictures are very good Fiona, but I love the one of the clouds. Hope that Laura is loving her new skates. xx