Friday, November 8, 2013

This month in history ...

Nov 2011

It seems to me

that November has often been

a somewhat eventful month in my life.

Quite a few major life events

have happened in November,

both good and bad:

November 1979 - my baby brother was born when I was 10

November 1980-1982 (?) we had family holidays at Dutchman's Beach

November 1986 - Steve and I met, playing in the orchestra for a school musical

November 1987 - I finished high school

For my senior school years, and Conservatorium years,

November was the month for study and exams.

November 1997 - I finished full-time teaching to go on maternity leave before Emily was born

November 1999 - Laura was born

Nov 2000

and not surprisingly, 

I've put on a party for her every November since then!

Nov 2005

Nov 2006

November 2006 - Emily's  brain tumor was diagnosed

(I sewed that Alice costume for her at nights 
in between doctor consulations,
when we were led to believe she had brain cancer, 
but no, thankfully it was benign)

Nov 2006

Nov 2007

Nov 2008

Nov 2009

November 2010 - my IBS was diagnosed

Nov 2010

November 2011 - our renovations began

November 2012 - I ran a big cardmaking night at church

November 2013 - I am also putting on a birthday party 

and running a bigger cardmaking night!

Add to that the normal pre-Christmas things to do,

and usually some more Christmas cardmaking classes ....

... I guess it's not surprising that I approach 

each November now 

with a mixture of excitement and trepidation!


Amy at love made my home said...

November certainly seems to be your big events month. I hope that all of the big events this November are lovely happy ones!! xx

Fiona said...

Thanks Amy, me too! And hope November is lovely for you, also.

Hill upon Hill said...

Yet you have made November special for your family every year, amidst it all.