Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Busy days

[Insert pretty picture here]

After starting so well with

life got busy.

No pretty photos have been taken whatsoever.

This is what I've been doing

while Laura has continued

to have half-days:

Preparing for a big
Christmas Cardmaking Night at church;

Getting ready for

Laura's birthday party this weekend;

A quick trip to Ikea for bedroom curtains (at last)

and to Recollections for wardrobe knobs (at last);

Training up new Stampin' Up! recruits;

Playing a little harp, violin and piano;

Baking cupcakes

Tidying, going to appointments,

some ebay selling,

and the usual cooking, shopping, parenting ...

Life has been busy,

mostly good, but hard in parts.

Have been enjoying every moment I get to sit quietly alone,

it is a rare but good thing.


What about you?

Is life just feeling that bit busier 

now that the end of the year approaches?

1 comment:

Amy at love made my home said...

You might not have lots of pretty pictures to show Fiona, but you paint a picture of business and lots going on with your words. I hope that the crafting at your church goes well. xx