Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fabric Crayon Fun

Every Friday, (in theory) we have Friday Fun. Since the girls don't have homework on Fridays it is a chance to do something different together, maybe an outing, maybe a special craft. By Fridays we are all pretty tired though and sometimes the Fun part doesn't really happen :-(

Yesterday we tried a new art supply: Pentel Fabric Fun Dye Sticks (crayons) $5.99 at Riot Art & Craft. I heard they were good, and they were. No mucking about with transfers, and they work well with 100% cotton, which is all we have, really. Just colour straight onto the fabric, then heat set with an iron. The girls are looking forward to decorating some t-shirts, but yesterday we started small, just trying the effect on some calico. We liked them so much that we made them into stuffed toys and a bag.

Laura made a rainbow

which we backed with this colourful corduroy

Emily made a very cute fairy

The girls did most of the cutting, pinning and sewing themselves!

I was inspired by 70s illustrations to make this bird, which I turned into a bag.

Before sewing it into the bag I added chain stitch around the bird and some running stitch on the wing and plants.

It's not a super-strong bag, so I'll have to choose the perfect purpose for it ... maybe to hold the scarf I am knitting, or maybe my current magazines ... hmmm

But it sure is making me happy when I see it!