Monday, August 25, 2008

Little A watches Maisy

On Mondays I have been having my little friend Little A over to play. Little A is 2 and a creature of habit. Each Monday morning she checks out the little children's table, then walks to the living area to look for "the toys that were there last Monday" (she doesn't say that but I can tell that is what she is thinking) So I am gradually bringing out different toys to have a mix of same and new toys, so as not to rock the boat.
Last Monday she jumped on the (enclosed) trampoline, about half an hour later we went for a walk to see a nearby aviary and much later she watched a few minutes of Maisy. (I love that she is just as interested in the video cover as in the TV LOL, I had to take a photo!) Today before her Mummy had even left she was heading out to the trampoline, when she finished jumping she wanted to watch Maisy and go for a walk immediately . She had remembered every exciting activity.
Actually her Mummy wasn't going to bring her today, but Little A somehow knew it was Monday and was putting her shoes on to come!
Oh if only the days of having my own 2-year-olds had been full of such excitement ... or maybe they were ... I can't really remember. When E was 2 I had a new-born, and when L was 2 I had a preschooler. It's not really the same as having a little friend over to play. And then I get to hand her back to Mummy until next Monday.

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Hill upon hill said...

Little A saw the photo and said "Jumping." Thankyou for giving her a lovely morning.