Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Organizing the craft cupboard

Last week I ordered and received these drawers from Best Craft Organizers. I had thought about them for so long, but not ordered them, as they are quite pricey especially after they travel to Australia. Finally I decided to bite the bullet and get a cube with 8 x 1" drawers, and I do not regret it.

Late on Friday afternoon (don't you love couriers when they say they will deliver between 9 and 5 and arrive at 4.50pm?) the girls and I juggled and fiddled and screwed and unscrewed till we got them together.

Each drawer has a "stopper" so that it won't fall out and spill the contents, but I found the stopper was in completely the wrong spot, meaning that I couldn't get out any stamps at the back! So Steve and I spent an excruciating hour carving off the little plastic bits with knives and files until now I am happy with them.

I love that the drawers are the exact height for the stamps and no space is wasted. I do have some stamps of various makes which are taller and had to put them into another drawer, but I wouldn't have fit them all into this unit anyway.

Every spare moment of the weekend I worked away and this is how many EMPTY not-so-space-efficient containers I now have! Woohoo! A big saving in space.

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